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Sleepy Hollow:

Three Gifts: On DW | On AO3
Summary: Ichabod struggles with Moloch's claim about Abbie's soul, while Abbie tries to forget her worries and get into the holiday spirit. Jenny just wants them to figure out they're into each other. Takes place right after "The Golem."

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

The Stars Move Still: On AO3
Summary: Sometimes John needs to get away from the future. Cheri Westin wants to get away from the past. For a few moments, they help each other forget.

Once Upon a Time:

Waking Emma: On DW | On AO3
Summary: If Emma needs "true love's kiss" to remember her past, there's only one thing Regina can do to break the spell.
Takes place post-3x11. Regina's POV.


Always Be Found: On DW | On AO3
Summary: Sara's running. Staying in Starling reminds her too much of who she was before taking that fateful trip on the Queen's Gambit. She's no longer that naive girl, but her ghost lingers around every corner, a constant reminder of how far Sara's fallen. When Oliver finds her at a bar in the middle of nowhere, she has a choice: go back to Starling and face her ghost, or keep moving in the hope that she'll finally outrun the past.


Satisfaction (Darcy Can't Get No): On AO3
Summary: When Darcy gets dosed with alien pheromones that make her horny, she has to relieve herself somehow.
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This is for my own accountability—and to keep all my projects and due dates organized, since my brain is no longer capable of retaining this stuff on its own!

WIPs )

Exchanges and Fests )
Challenges, Bingos, Prompt Tables )
Original Fiction )

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Fire_juggler created an AMAZING podfic for Waking Emma, a short Once Upon a Time fic I wrote. The Regina voice is so spot-on that it gives me chills!

It's such an honor and a compliment...I can't even describe how flattered and happy I am about this and about how well the podfic turned out. Seriously--it couldn't have been better if Lana did the voice herself!

Here's the podfic:
And here's the original fic:

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Dear Yuletide Writer,

First, thank you. I know I'll love whatever you come up with. Second, I apologize if my prompts/ideas aren't detailed enough. I like Yuletide because of the fun of participating and the excitement of receiving a just-for-me fic. I'm not here because there's a specific fic idea that I've always wanted to read--usually when I have an idea like that, I just write it myself!

Please follow your muse (or plot bunnies, whichever you prefer) and write the story you feel compelled to write. I'll give you some ideas on what I like and don't like, but Optional Details Are Optional.

Do Not Wants:  rape or noncon, animal abuse/death, major character death, a/b/o, mpreg, underage sex.

General Likes: femslash, complex female characters, gen, het, adventures, bittersweet endings, casefic, found families, ust, dubcon is okay (I like sex pollen/fuck-or-die scenarios)..

I'll probably add to this and the DNW section as I think of more things. Feel free to check back or not. Yuletide should be fun, not stressful.

She-Hulk )

Gotham )

Scott & Bailey )
Whitechapel )

The Adventures of Pete & Pete )

I said it earlier, and I feel it bears repeating: Yuletide is about having fun, not stressing out. If you read my letter and want to run screaming because it's so terrible, just ignore me and write something you'll enjoy instead.

Thanks again, Yuletide Writer. <3
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Right in time for Halloween, I'm back from the dead. ;)

The past few months have been...a trial. I've been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that makes me sick more often than not. My mom had a medical problem, was in the hospital for weeks and nearly died. My long-term relationship ended and a few weeks ago, I got laid off from my job. It has completely killed my creative side. I haven't been able to write in months. :(

It's Yuletide time again, though, and I'm debating signing up. So maybe there's hope for my muse yet.
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Camp Nano banner

Every year, I do Nano and Camp Nano. Mostly, I fail. But I am ever an optimist, so I'm trying again. My goal for this year is 25K. That's 807 words per day--completely doable!

I want to write 10K on my (original fiction) fantasy novel. The rest of the word count is for finishing up my Cotton Candy Bingo and Ladies Bingo cards.

Anyone else doing Camp Nano this year?

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Title: Satisfaction (Darcy Can't Get No), Chapter One: Experimentation
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor (movies)
Wordcount: 1776
Characters: Darcy/Ian, Darcy/Loki, Darcy/Steve Rogers, Darcy/Natasha Romanoff, with appearances by Jane and Thor
Notes: Written for the "experimentation" square of May's All Bingo Solo Celebration Fest
Summary: When Darcy gets dosed with alien pheromones that make her horny, she has to relieve herself somehow.
Chapter One: Experimentation )
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In order of priority:
ETA: I just noticed the amnesty period for Ladies' Bingo has either changed or I got it wrong. Since it ends in August, I'm going to reconfigure my work list. All the LB fic is moving beneath the "bonus if time" heading and the Cotton Candy Bingo stories are moving up in priority.

Write/Finish )
Post )

It's doubtful I'll finish everything, but it'll be fun to try.
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I'm still working on my round two card, but I just can't resist. And this card is awesome. So many ideas swirling around my head right now...

this way... )
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I decided to go through and tally up everything I've written this year. It's pretty obvious that I'm really good at beginning things and not so good at finishing them. My mind just moves so fast sometimes, and I'm such a slow writer. It's a bad combination!

But hey--as long as I *am* writing, I'm not going to beat myself up about it. At least not too much.

Fanfiction Totals )

Original Fiction )

Overall total: 20,484

That means I'm only a tenth of my yearly goal, and the year's about half over. Ouch. The state of my original fiction* is also terrible. I really need to finish something.

*I could very well be missing a lot of the original fiction I've worked on this year, since my folder organization is terrible. These totals also don't count any of the writing I've done for work, since that is (mostly) nonfiction.

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I typically draft stories in Scrivener, but there's an awesome website that has changed my writing habits. It's called Ilys, and you have to check it out to really see how it works.

The basics: you enter the # of words you want to write. When you click "go," you're taken to a black screen with a large box in the middle. Each letter you type flashes in the box and then is replaced by the next letter you type. A word count meter is at the top of the box. Below the box, you can click an "eye" to see what you've written so far--but you can't edit it until you've hit your word-count goal.

It forces you to write without editing, and to concentrate on telling your story rather than getting the words right.*

Try it out! You might be surprised at how much it changes the way you write.

*Once I finish my first draft, I go back and paste it into Scrivener, where I can edit and revise.

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Deja Vu Bingo fest runs from June 1-30 at [community profile] allbingo . I'm using my card for recs instead of fic, since I don't have a lot of work out there. This should be fun. It gives me a reason to take some time out and read through fic in my favorite fandoms. 

Potential fandoms:
Marvel Cinematic Universe (particularly Captain America and Thor)
Once Upon a Time
Sleepy Hollow
Lost Girl

Card under here )
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 Title: SD-Hydra
Fandom: Alias (TV), Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies)
Wordcount: 10K (ongoing)
Characters: Sydney Bristow/Steve Rogers, Julian Sark/James "Bucky" Barnes, Phil Coulson, Natasha Romanov, Nick Fury, Arvin Sloane
Notes: Written for [ profile] shipswap  2014
Summary: Hydra is back, and they're searching for a long-forgotten Rambaldi artifact. The remaining agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. bring in the most trustworthy Rambaldi expert they can find: Sydney Bristow. As she and Steve Rogers work together to save the world, they learn they can only trust each other...and that ignites feelings neither of them could ever have predicted.
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Title: Always Be Found
Fandom: Arrow
Wordcount: 2696
Characters: Oliver/Sara
Notes: Written for [ profile] rarewomen 2014
Summary: Sara's running. Staying in Starling reminds her too much of who she was before taking that fateful trip on the Queen's Gambit. She's no longer that naive girl, but her ghost lingers around every corner, a constant reminder of how far Sara's fallen. When Oliver finds her at a bar in the middle of nowhere, she has a choice: go back to Starling and face her ghost, or keep moving in the hope that she'll finally outrun the past.
Or Read Here )


NPT Letter

Apr. 19th, 2014 03:34 am
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Dear Writer,

I'm very sorry my letter isn't ready yet. My mother had a stroke recently, and I haven't gotten the chance to finish it. I'm posting what I have so far. The full letter should be up by 5/5. Thanks for your understanding!

General Likes/Dislikes

Likes: Hurt/comfort, character exploration, gen, casefic, het, femslash, reluctant allies, enemies to friends/lovers... Really, as long as something is well-written, I'll be happy.

Dislikes: Rape, noncon, graphic child abuse, animal abuse (described or implied--it's my absolute DNW), pregnancy, and a/b/o. Also character death--please don't kill off any characters.

Arrow )

Captain America )

Thor )

World of Warcraft )

Person of Interest )

Agents of SHIELD )
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The deadline kind, not the hair kind. Real life (and okay, World of Warcraft) have kicked me in the pants lately. Technically, if I hadn't spent a few hours a week raiding with my guild, I would have had time to write and do more fannish stuff.

But WoW is my outlet in a way writing can't be. It lets me just turn my brain off for a while and escape. With writing, I'm always aware of myself. And to be honest, writing is not something that comes easy to me. I love it, but it's also a struggle, and it stresses me out.

Thank goodness that the Rare Ship Swap deadline was extended for a week. I'm writing a crossover fic in fandoms I haven't written in before (though I'm very familiar with the canons) and it's more complicated than what I'm used to doing. If I didn't have a deadline, it would probably turn into a 20-50K monster.

It's not like things will get much easier. The Romantic Times convention is in less than a month, and I'm going to be there "on the clock" for my company. Even thinking about it makes me want to fire up WoW and level up my warlock, who's been stuck at 35 for about three months...


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